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Anonymous asked: How are you brothers! For now im over seas but hopefuly we'll get a chance to talk. #STAYPROUD

Thank You Fam!!

SanCopha Fitness… “Effort is Between You and You”
Leg Day #SanCophaFitness
@obablacko trying to jump on the gym lol. Jumping squats while holding a 45 plate! SanCopha Fitness
SanCopha Fitness Every Saturday at 1. Come out to Veterans Park. 79 Beekman Road, south brunswick nj.
@Solar_Innerg and @KingKwajo after getting busy in the gym. SanCopha Fitness starts June 1st. 
SanCopha Fitness Starts Saturday June 1st. Come out to Veterans Park in South Brunswick, Nj
The Bench Press works the pectoral muscles along with the triceps and shoulders.
Bicep Curls are a great exercise for building arm strength 

SanCopha Fitness Episode II "The Motivation" PART I